Who we are. OLD

Who we are. OLD

We are a bunch of creative professional people.

A family of Creators

If we have to describe us in a few words.. they would be… a “modern extended family”. We try to make Mark TV & Communication a special place like home.
Our story goes back to more than 50 years ago when Mr Pino Marchi started to build what was first known as Studio Kappa. Ever since we have written – and still are – a story full of colors, video productions that not only have included the toy world but also every commodity sector. And now, we want to do even more.
We are opening up to new dimensions, new projects and new people, leveraging on the expertise we have built up over the years.
Because we know what we do, we would take care of new and old customers in the best way.
Our competencies are at your disposal, but also our support and “ear” to listen to what you need.

Collaboration to us is key.

Welcome to our home, make yourself comfortable and tell us your story.

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Hungry Creatives at Work. Welcome to our house